The neo treasury platform for Europe

Diversify, manage, and invest your venture capital with ease.

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What is Pile

Pile is a treasury management platform that allows you to spread and manage your funds across multiple banks in one central location.

Businesses get seamless access to interests and other financial marketplace offers with the click of a button.

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Bank account management

Diversify your risk by opening multiple bank accounts without repeating KYC processes.

Multi- and open-banking

Track and manage your funds in one place via your Pile account.

Corporate investment

Choose between different interest rates and let your money work for you.

Maximize your capital with Pile Earnings

Earn 1.5%* p.a. on your Pile account

Access fixed-term or overnight deposit offers

Access your capital at all times with full transparency on its earnings

*This is a variable percentage that may change on an ongoing basis based on market conditions.



Deutsche Bank






Spread your money across multiple accounts

Open multiple bank accounts directly from Pile.

Increase your deposit protection by splitting your money.

Keep track of all accounts and reduce your financial risk.

Control all your capital in one place

Consolidate all account balances and payments across multiple entities.

Move funds between accounts with ease.

Visualize real-time data of your accounts, income and expenses in a clear dashboard.

Operational Account

Deutsche Bank - 3514



Deutsche Bank - 3779



Sparkasse - 7360



Qonto - 4553



Pile - 1110


Get access to various treasury offers from our network of renowned banks.

Choose between fixed-term deposits, fully flexible overnight deposits or other secure investments.

Find out which financial products are suitable for the respective phase of your company.

Increase your money with the right company investment

Your money in safe hands

Our goal is not only to invest your money profitably, but also to invest it safely. Thanks to our network of selected and regulated partner banks and optimized investment strategies, we guarantee maximum security at all times.

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Through our wide-ranging partner network, you will always find the best options to diversify your capital.

Deposit insurance

Thanks to European deposit insurance, your deposits are protected up to €100.000 per account.

Spread of risk

Managing all your capital across different entities allows fast reaction to market events like the recent shock of SVB.


A basic treasury account for high growth startups and VCs