We help you manage your cash so that you can manage your business.

We give founders financial peace of mind.

We started out based on our own experience of working in large FinTechs where we realised that a lot of businesses were parking cash on their business bank account. The cash was lying there just losing value over time.
Founders are experts in crafting their own businesses but they were always told not to get distracted with their admin and finance setup. Thus, treasury management was never seen with a high urgency nor importance.
We started asking ourselves why businesses do not manage their cash the same way individuals do with saving accounts? Why isn't there a way to easily diversify your deposits and earn on the deposits instead of loosing money and exposing yourself to bank risk?
This has changed finally and we built Pile to transform this new thinking into reality.

Our Mission

We are built around the mission to give founders across Europe financial peace of mind: We help with their capital management, diversify and therefore decrease risk while also actively extending startup's runways.


You can read more about our products and pricing offering directly on our FAQs.

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Pile Capital GmbH does not provide any regulated financial services. Pile Capital GmbH cooperates with fully licensed banks (credit institutions under CRR) duly supervised within the European Union and subject to the local deposit guarantee schemes, who in turn may provide regulated financial services to Customers.

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